The sun coming up in the horizon at dawn, the river flowing ever so gently, the trees standing tall and grass from Mother Earth. Once can hear the words of the Treaty Commissioner promising that the Queen will forever take care of here children. “As long as the sun shines, as long as the river flows and as long as the grass grows.” These words ring out as the ancestors of Wapekeka people gather to sign the Treaty No. 9.

The two standing trees are symbolic of the two reserves that make up Wapekeka First Nation. The river and the lake are the life line for the very existence of the Wapekeka people. The land on both sides of the river is the traditional land that is used for the survival of the people.

The sun is the most important symbol, as it is a reminder of the relationship between the people and the Creator. The lines from the sun stretches out to the four direction, which represent the North, East, West and South. It is also a life giving force.